Viaduc de Millau,
technical tour

Kamperen op kleine gezinscamping in zuid-Frankrijk
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  • Here you can see the progress of construction on the basis of drawings, photos and videos, and there are guided tours. Nearby are several view points, so you can view the bridge from all sides.
    Camp Redon tip:
  • Although further from the campsite it is a nice day trip, the road is worth to travel and Millau is a nice place to visit.

A world class of architectural masterpiece

The elevated bridge located on the territory of Millau and spans the valley of the river Tarn and carries the motorway A75 / E11 (La Méridienne). The road connects Clermont-Ferrand in the North of Béziers and Montpellier in the South. Until 2004 all traffic had to travel to the French south coast through the valley of Millau.

This caused an irresponsible traffic pressure in the town and also the descent to the Tarn and the steep climb after the town often provided a long delay. Construction took three years and started on 14 December 2001. On 14 December 2004, the bridge was officially opened by President Jacques Chirac.

The Millau Bridge is a multiple cable bridge and is the highest bridge in the world: one of the pillars is 343 meters high, slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower. The viaduct consists of eight spans, supported by seven concrete pillars. The middle pieces spanning 342 meters, the extreme spans 204 meters.

The bridge is 270 meters above the Tarn River. The length of the bridge is 2460 meters. There are seven huge piers built, the highest is 343 meters tall. This is the highest bridge pier in the world. The bridge deck is 32 feet wide, and contains two traffic lanes and an emergency lane in both directions. The viaduct is the largest vehicle bridge in the world, almost twice as large as the former European record holder, the Europabrücke in Austria.