as if time has stood still

Cozy terraces

In this beautiful medieval village you will find numerous historic buildings, cozy terraces and shops of artists.

Medieval artists' village

One of the most beautiful medieval (artist) villages in France, the jewel of the bastides. In 2014, is elected by the French for being the favorite village in France. This perfect example of urban architecture of the early 13th century, the fortified town owes its name to the magnificent location on top of the Puech de Mordagne, above the valley where the river flows through the Cérou.

In winter, spring and autumn the town often protrudes above the clouds and the fog, this is why in 1993 the original name Cordes (named after the Spanish Cordoba) was changed into "Cordes sur Ciel"

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Visit the other beautiful medieval fortified towns in the region and follow the 'Bastideroute'

Cordes was founded in 1222 by Raimond VII, Count of Toulouse, as a result of the destruction of the adjacent St Marcel by Simon de Montfort. End of 12th century it was a town with more than 5,500 residents. After the Cathar battle in the region Cordes came in the 14th century to flourish, particularly through the linen and leather trade. The beautiful houses in Gothic style were built in this period.

In the period between the 12th and the 14th century in southwestern France more than 200 new towns, Villeneuves, were founded. They called it a Castelnau if it was near a castle, a Sauvetat when it was founded in a monastery and a Bastide, if in that place at the time of foundation were no buildings yet. As this was the case at Cordes, it is therefore a fortification.

In the 15th century brought an end to the wealth and prosperity of Cordes by religious wars and two plague epidemics. In the 17th century the Canal du Midi was constructed in the South of France and the major trade route through Cordes Cordes disappeared and became more and more into disrepair.

Since 1923, measures have been taken to save it from destruction and the town increasingly inhabited by artists. In the beautiful old houses they have established their studios and contributed to the restoration of the old city. The medieval atmosphere in the town is evident everywhere. There is too much to do to discuss all the attractions here, therefore you can better take a view yourself. If you have the opportunity, it is worthwhile to visit the place during the Medieval festivals each year around July 14.


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  • Children's entertainment in high season
  • Stunning pool with terrace
  • Enjoying the nature

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"We have been at Camp Redon several times, a nice small campsite with ditto animation, close to the artistic village of Cordes sur Ciel. In the morning the bread is delivered to your tent (after ordering), even in high season!" -Translated from Dutch - Erik